Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed
The Science of Inner Resonance

In your individual lives:

  • Heal yourself from “incurable” diseases, harmonize otherwise hopeless relationships, know your gifts, be successful doing what you love and love your Self.  FEEL FREE to BE M.E. (Your Magical Evolutionary CREATIVE SELF)

In your greater world:

  • Contribute to new solutions globally, bridging humanity into new paradigms of collaborative, co-creative ventures, for our continued well being and the evolution of our species.

Empower yourself to be fully, wholly and confidently Your Unique Self, free of limiting programs, clear and able to contribute your personal gifts and talents where inspired.

We are all needed to fully show up in these times of great challenge and opportunity. Greatest of all, each of us has the unconditional birthright to be happy and fulfilled!!


Access and Accelerate Your M.E. Code NOW!


Hello and Welcome to a New Paradigm!!

My name is Maureen Mason Edwardson and I am delighted to share some cutting edge concepts with you! Together we can explore beyond the frontiers of mind/body to the limitless Human Spirit, creating new realities.

Over the last 25 years I have been on a journey of discovery resulting in an amazing protocol I am excited to share with you called Inner Resonance Technologies.

To hear about and have an experience of IRT, click on the links below:

One hour interview and experience of IRT with Robert Sharpe of Bite Radio Jan 16th 2014


One hour 2013 audio conversation and experience of Inner Resonance with Robert Sharpe of Mystical Cruise

Mystical Cruise interviews Maureen Edwardson  2013

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