Maureen’s innovative process, “Inner Resonance Technologies”, is a system aimed at increasing individual and group potential, so necessary in building a leading edge organization. Her techniques are simple and offered in a relaxed manner, yet formulated from the latest mind/body research and directly aimed at rapidly enabling both managers and employees to create effective workplace dynamics.

As a past employee of BC Hydro and manager at BC Telephone, Maureen brings both corporate experience and personal attributes to enhance your business. Her outgoing personality, sense of humor and ability to quickly engender trust fits all situations. Maureen’s unique approach opens unlimited possibilities on every organizational level resulting in improved relationships, greater motivation, higher productivity and enhanced innovation, significantly increasing the return on your investment.

Corporate Package

Month 1

Week 1 Group Introduction (10-20)   –  1 hour
Week 2 Individual Sessions (10) or Group Rate over 10  –  10 hrs
Week 3 Group Session – Creating Combined Vision  –  1 hour
Week 4 Group Feedback/ Fine Tuning Process  –  1 hour

Month 2

Telephone Follow Up / Support Package

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