What is IRT?

Why is IRT so amazing?

IRT allows us to create immediate, permanent change in 1-4 sessions in ALL areas of our lives
There is no need to relive or re-experience, share or understand anything to put this inner technology to work
IRT works as a catalyst to boost every system, process and technique into the instant results of quantum timelessness
IRT gives us the opportunity to program a one-touch “speed dial” for ongoing daily maintenance and instant re-activation of “The Chemistry of Wholeness” for whatever is triggered or needed in each moment.

We truly are walking miracles, born “fully loaded” with all the programs our “bio-computers” need to instantly heal our bodies, clear our minds and reconnect our spirits, allowing us to feel whole once again.

IRT has been called “the ‘Windows’ of the bio- computer system” as what I have created is a unique breakthrough: an extremely user friendly interface between the operator (conscious 5%) and the operating system (unconscious 95%) resulting in everyday miracles: the automatic outcome of clearing old limiting patterns and beliefs.

Remember that old saying, “Whatever you can dream you can achieve” ?
Inner Resonance Technologies allows us to remember who we are as holographic particles in the greater body of creation in order to consciously create the kind of world, both personal and collective, that we have up to this point in our history only dreamed is possible!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Why Inner Technologies?

Your body is an amazing piece of flesh and blood technology fully programmed to respond instantly to higher mind and consciousness.  We have heard of the mother who raised a car with one hand to pull her baby to safety, living proof that matter has a program that knows how to respond instantly to mind.  Your inner technologies are so complex that on the basic automatic level your body does 100,000 enzymatic processes every second, regenerates 30 million cells daily, and replaces all the cells in your skeleton every 3 months.  You get a whole new liver every 6 weeks.  Each molecule of DNA has the capacity to run a self-powered Nano computer, and if the 50 to 100 Trillion cells of DNA in each person were to be stretched out, it would encircle the globe many thousands of  times.  Your body is a quantum superconductor that operates at room temperature:  A limitless receptor and quantum responder to the environment and higher consciousness, allowing broken bones to be healed instantly, and cancer to go into spontaneous remission.

This masterful technology of the universe is installed inside each and every one of us.  How do we access this?  The programmed complexities offer a corresponding simplicity of access.  Inner Resonance Technologies offers one of those keys.

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IRT has 7 brief steps that facilitate you in making certain inner agreements that set the conditions to allow your own automatic system to instantly rebalance and harmonize itself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, transforming all parts of your life.

IRT is unique in that it works unconsciously, outside of time and space, for immediate and rapid results, using every modality and service that you already know and work with. There is no need to relive or re-experience or even know what wants to be cleared.

IRT concepts can be languaged to fit all situations and are unlimited in their application to personal and business life.

For more information on how IRT can be applied to your own personal or business challenge in order to create the results you want, please contact Maureen for a  25 minute FREE consultation.

To read more about what IRT is, and is not, see the FAQ’s.


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